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Lady Elsie May® (Rosa cv.’Angelsie’) exhibits hardiness to USDA Zone 5 performing well in sun or semi-shade. Used as a specimen plant or for mass planting, Lady Elsie May®produces masses of coral pink flowers providing continual bloom late spring through autumn. Rapidly establishes the first year and shows excellent tolerance to a wide spectrum of environmental conditions. Classified as a repeat-bloomer, Lady Elsie May grows 3 to 3 1/2 feet making it an excellent landscape shrub rose for mass plantings.

Soil: A rich sandy loam is preferred by roses. Your soil may be amended to create the growing environment by adding a commercial soil conditioner, bark or peat. Roses do not enjoy boggy conditions. Avoid wet, heavy soils.

Planting: Dig hole approximately twice the width of container. Remove rose from pot keeping root ball in tact. Set root ball in hole, the top of which should be level with the ground and refill with soil. In cold winter regions, it is best to set the root ball about an inch lower in the soil. Soil may be amended with a commercial conditioner, aged bark, or peat. Water to settle soil around the root system, adding more soil if necessary, but not over packing. Form a 2" collar or basin by mounding soil around the circumference of the hole.

Watering: New plantings need to be kept moist through the root zone until established. Mature plantings are watered as circumstances and environmental conditions warrant in enough quantity that the root zone is moist. Mulching helps to retain moisture and should be removed and replaced each year.

Fertilization: Wait until after the first flush of new bloom to fertilize your planting. Mature plantings are generally fertilized just prior to sap movement in the canes in early spring. This usually coincides with the pruning time. Continue to fertilize in low doses throughout the bloom cycle.

Pruning: Lady Elsie May® is a repeat blooming, self cleaning rose – meaning the petals fall freely from the plant. Faded flowers may be removed from plant, but it is not critical. It is best to prune for shape, or removal of damaged canes and branches in late fall or winter. Pruning for shape is a matter of personal preference.

Height: 30" - 36"

Spread: 24" Shape: Rounded Foliage: Dark, glossy green

Flower: Pink blend Zone: 5

Hybridizer: Reinhard Noack, Germany Introduced: Angelica Nurseries, Inc., Kennedyville, Maryland

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AARS Winner
2005 AARS Winner

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